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Questions About Emojis That Desperately Need To Be Answered!



We should fear this guy

Just watched the YouTube video of these guys … I am so insanely jealous and in awe of these people’s experiences with the cliff slide.

Can someone message me the link To this video

*wipes tear and whispers* i woke up like dis

You are still smiling and laughing. You are still the only thing and everything i need in my life.

be careful with your moves because youre gonna end up feeling like youre locked in a fucking cage and theres no way out and youll learn the hard way, the way you want nothing to do with and everything you once loved will be everything you now question. its a trap. life is a trap and theres no way to find true happiness for more than a week. And youll cry and noone will be there for you noone is gonna care what you feel. not even your own parents. youll come to a point where the person you thought is the easiest to talk to is now the hardest. and there is nothing to do about it. just cry like a fucking helpless baby. 


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American Football - Never Meant (x)